Awesome Backing Tracks

learn to play along to 17 backing tracks in different keys and styles
download the awesome backing tracks with instructional ebook guide on how to solo

After the success of the popular E-book ‘Awesome Lead Guitar’, there was something missing.

I mean, playing real lead guitar isn’t just about reading a book. You need to have something more…something to practice.

That’s why I created this series of extended backing tracks, based on the solo examples from that book. Each track is now re-recorded, and 3 to 5 minutes long, instead of 30 seconds as they were in the original book.

However, I didn’t stop there…

Why This Pack is Different

This package also includes a short E-book with playing notes for each track. This means that you’ll know exactly what scales to use, what key each track is in, and which chords are being played when!

So, you get a set of 17 backing tracks– that’s over an hour of soloing time! Each track is in a different style, and uses a different key. There are also some based on riffs and modal vamps.

Just take a listen to some sample tracks:

Double Take (30 second sample)

Hybrid Swing (30 second sample)

Now, unless you have perfect pitch (or you’re holding a guitar right now), it isn’t exactly easy to tell what keys those tracks are in! That’s where the E-book comes in!

The Complete Package!

How much would you expect to pay for 17 backing tracks? $0.49 per track?

$0.99 per track?!
17 Awesome Backing Tracks for you to learn lead guitar playing
Well, I’m giving this to you for only $2.99 for the lot! That includes the instructional E-book explaining each track. You won’t find that value on iTunes!

Plus, if you’re just searching for backing tracks on YouTube, you’re quite often not told the key, or the chords being played!

I mean, yeah, you could use your ear and try to figure it out…but why should you have to?! Anyway, these tracks on YouTube etc. will almost never give you a list of scales to solo with…

With this E-book, you can learn which scales to use, and when. Then, you get to try them out in a practical situation!

If there is one thing that every aspiring lead guitarist needs, it’s a lot of practice. This combination of E-book and backing tracks will help you do just that!

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Special Bonus Offer!

It’s all well and good having a book full of backing tracks, but what good is it on it’s own? I mean, you want to improve your soloing, right?

That’s why I’m also offering a special combination of this Ebook, and set of backing tracks, along with the original Ebook ‘Awesome Lead Guitar’! So, now you can actually learn the scales and techniques you’ll need to solo to these tracks.

Awesome Lead Guitar will teach you things like:

  • How to construct a solo with phrasing, dynamics and melody
  • Full scale diagrams for the most common scales (major, minor and pentatonics)
  • It teaches you which notes to play and which to avoid
  • It has easy explanations of music theory and terminology

If you take advantage of this combination offer, I’ll give it to you all for only $9.99! That’s Awesome Lead Guitar (value of at least $10) and Awesome Backing Tracks (value $2.99), for only $9.99- saving you 24%!

Just click here now to take advantage of this very special offer!