Awesome Lead Guitar Video Course

Do you want to play lead guitar, but are confused by all the information out there?

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t just make that leap into making up your own solos?

Isn’t that all very complicated?

Well, my new video course is set to change all that. In it, I’m going to show you the techniques, scales and- above all- the thinking behind creating your own guitar solos!

The Awesome Lead Guitar Course

This course is based on my popular E-book ‘Awesome Lead Guitar‘. It will have the same great content, but this time I can physically show you what I’m talking about.

This means you can learn much faster, and be up and using these techniques to play great solos sooner than with just the E-book alone.

So, if you’ve maybe picked up a scale or too, but are still lost when it comes to that solo, this course will be for you! Just sign up below!

check out the awesome lead guitar video course and learn how to play lead guitar

I’ll Show You How

Are you tired of practising the same scale over and over again, but not really getting anywhere with it?

You can ask others on Internet forums, and they’ll probably tell you to ‘learn your scales’. If you’ve done this before, you’ll know what I mean- but did you know that’s not even half of the solution?!

I mean, unless you understand some of the musical concepts and techniques, a pattern of notes is just a pattern on the fretboard.

You could learn as many scales as you want, but still not have a clue when it comes to soloing on your own!

That’s where this course will help you…

The course will contain:

  • The core techniques used by modern lead players
  • Example Solos for each Scale and Technique
  • Full scale diagrams and demonstrations
  • I will explain which notes to play when, and why
  • Jargon-free explanations of the theory behind it all

In the course, I’ll not only show you all the techniques and scales you’ll need, I’ll also show you how to put them into practice in real solos. Then, I’ll go into even more detail and explain why each technique works…

…and this time I’ll actually be able to demonstrate it for you in the videos!

So, just click on the button below right now to find out more!

check out the awesome lead guitar video course and learn how to play lead guitar