Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package

The Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package from Davison Guitars comes with an amp, soft case, and various accessories that you’ll need as a beginner guitarist. The guitar is a full-size (39 inch) electric with a maple fretboard and neck, and features a single humbucking pickup in the bridge position.
Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package full size with accessories
The bridge humbucker (so called because it’s supposed to ‘buck’ hum or interference), is the preferred pickup type of rock rhythm guitarists. This is where you can get that chugging, heavy sound for chords, or aggressive higher lead parts.

Davison guitars may not be that well known, but they specialize in beginner and budget guitars. They have a huge range of styles and colors, at very affordable prices…although you probably wouldn’t buy one unless you want a cheaper, beginner model.

Don’t get me wrong, these guitars are solidly built, and they play well and stay in tune. However, you shouldn’t expect this guitar to compare to a more high-end instrument. For a beginner, you probably won’t notice a huge difference, and you’re probably concerned more with price, because it would be a bad idea to spend your life savings, and then give up on playing!

Also, don’t confuse this company with these guys who make acoustics. The Davison company we’re talking about only make budget, beginner models.

The Amp

The amp in the Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package is, again, fairly basic- not that that is a bad thing! It does, however, come with the- all important- distortion button, so you can get that rock/metal dirty sounds. This combines well with the bridge humbucker.

The amp is 8 watts on the clean channel, and 16 watts on the distortion channel. This makes it louder with the distortion engaged, but it is still a fairly small amp- especially considering that an amp used on stage could be anything from 50 to 300 watts (Seriously! I have an amp that is 300 watts…although it’s usually too loud to be used…).

the BC08 10 watt amplifier by Hollinger

The set also comes with a ‘gig bag’ soft case, guitar strap, picks and a pitch pipe for tuning. The pitch pipe may not be all that useful if you haven’t yet developed an ear for pitches, and so I would recommend getting an electric tuner, too. You can buy ones that plug in to your guitar, or clip on the headstock.

The package also includes a cable (or ‘jack lead’) to connect the guitar to the amp. This is clearly essential if you want to plug in and rock out!

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The guitar seems definitely aimed at the rock/metal beginner. It has a bridge humbucker, which is all you’ll need for anything from Metallica to Green Day. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on the body wood- although that might not be something to worry about as a complete beginner.

The Guitar

  • Full Sized Black Electric Guitar
  • Maple Neck
  • Bridge Humbucker Pickup
  • Volume and tone control
  • 22 frets
  • Includes: Case, Strap, Pitchpipe, Picks, Stringwinder and Jack Lead

BC08 10W Guitar Amplifier

The amp is a BC08 10 watt amp, made by a company called Hollinger. I can’t seem to find a lot of information on either this amp, or the company who makes it. However, the amp is well built, and works really well for practice at home (especially given the built in headphone socket, so as not to wake the neighbors!).

  • 1 Channel Input
  • 2-Band EQ
  • 2 Volume Controls
  • Headphone Jack
  • Overdrive (distortion) Effect
  • Output Power: 10W 4Ω
  • S/N Rate: >95dB
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz~20KHz
  • Speaker: 5″
  • Dimension: 225× 125× 235mm
  • What We liked

    In a word: the price. The Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package isn’t poorly made (in fact, the guitar is pretty solid), and definitely sounds great through the included 10 watt amp. However, if I’m honest, I would have to say that the price is the main selling point.

    The 10 watt amp is also pretty loud, but we especially like how it has a socket to plug in your headphones. This is something your neighbors/parents/dog will thank you for when you’re in the middle of another late night practise! The lead that connects the guitar and amp is also a decent length- not too short, but not massively long.

    The accessories are all you would need to get started with guitar. It includes picks, a strap and an amp with jack lead- which is what you need to get started. You will probably also want to be able to tune, but the included pitch pipes may not be the easiest for a beginner to use. I would recommend getting a separate, electronic tuner if you don’t feel very confident to match the pitch of the string to the pitch of the pitchpipe.

    The package also includes a piece of paper with a few basic chords. This should be enough to get you started, but don’t forget the chord lessons on this website for more information, including easy and more advanced chords.

    What We didn’t like

    The main drawback of this guitar is related to the main positive thing: it’s cheap. The guitar stays in tune well, and I can’t fault the construction, but if you compare it to a more expensive guitar then you’ll start to see minor flaws.

    The guitar doesn’t feel or sound like a more expensive guitar- because it isn’t. Don’t let that put you off! I just had to find something that I didn’t like for this review. If you’re a complete beginner and money is an issue, then the Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package would be a great choice.

    The same goes for the amp, and other accessories- they’re pretty cheap, but sound and play great, so this may not be a real problem.

    Conclusions on the Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package

    The Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package is by a company that- to be honest- I’ve only just heard of, but that shouldn’t put you off! The guitar is very playable, and sounds great though the included 10 watt practise amp.

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    the Electric Guitar Beginner Starter set by Davison guitars

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