Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack

The Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack contains a Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar, and a 10-watt amp. It also includes a jack lead to connect the two, a strap, some picks, and a gig bag. This combination, along with the chromatic tuner, should be all an aspiring guitarist needs to learn the ropes.

Well, that’s not counting access to lessons, or a great tuition website, of course!

Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack Series PPEG-EGL1EBCH1 Electric Guitar Pack - Ebony

The Guitar

Epiphone, as you may know, are directly owned by the Gibson company. So when I say it’s a Les Paul, it’s an Epiphone Les Paul, which is pretty much a Gibson Les Paul under another name (and less expensive). This guitar has two open-coil humbuckers, which make for a great, rock sounding guitar.

Humbucker pickups are what they use on Gibson Les Pauls, Music Man Guitars, and PRS’s and they consist of two rows of magnets. They usually produce a heavier, bassier, thicker sound than singlecoils (with just a single set of magnets). They also have the ability to ‘buck’ the hum-type interference caused by various sources.

The bolt-on neck has a rosewood fretboard, which is the standard for Les Pauls. The headstock even has a signature from Les Paul himself, so you can be sure that this is the real deal. If you like the look and sound of Les Pauls (Slash, Zakk Wylde, Jimmy Page), but are on a budget or don’t know what to get for your first guitar, then the Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack is designed for you.

The Amp

This beginner pack also includes a 10-watt amp, which is probably the smallest amp size you’re likely to encounter. An amp’s volume cannot always be accurately guessed from knowing just how many watts it is, but this amp- the ‘Electar’- should be just the right size for a beginner. It has a 6″ speaker and sounds full bodied and powerful, even at lower volumes- meaning that you can sound the part without annoying too many neighbors.

In fact, the Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack amp also comes with a headphone socket, so you can actually rock out silently. This is perfect for late night practise sessions! It also has an open-backed cabinet, and controls for volume, treble and bass- which is all you really need to get going. The Epiphone Electar amp also features an aux input for connecting up backing tracks to play along to.

The open-backed cab means that there is no back to the speaker cabinet. This therefore allows the sound to escape out the back as well as the front. Many guitarists prefer this design as you get slightly more ambient sound and resonance. Closed cab amps have a more direct, ‘closed-off’ sound. Of course, this is all subjective.

The amp also has the all-important ‘overdrive’ switch, which activates the distortion circuit. This feature is essential if you want to play any kind of rock music! In fact, I only own one amp that doesn’t do this…and it’s a bass amp! Overdrive is the distorted, slightly growling sound that you hear in many heavy metal and rock records.

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The pack also has a clip on guitar tuner, which is again, another essential item if you want to stay in tune and sound good.

Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar

  • Mahogany Body and Neck
  • 1960s SlimTaper™ “D” Profile, bolt on Neck
  • Scale length: 24.75”
  • 12″ radius Rosewood fretboard
  • Nut Width: 1.68”
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Covered; 14:1 ratio tuning pegs
  • Neck Pickup: Epiphone 650R Humbucker
  • Bridge Pickup: Epiphone 700T Humbucker
  • 1-volume, 1-tone control
  • 3-way Epiphone toggle pickup selector
  • LockTone™ Tune-o-matic bridge
  • LockTone™ Stopbar tailpiece


  • 10-watt Electra guitar amp
  • 10ft guitar cable
  • Clip on headstock chromatic tuner
  • Guitar Strap
  • A set of medium picks
  • Gig bag

What We liked

Well, this is a Les Paul after all! The sound is great, even considering how small the amp is. Many smaller amps can tend to sound tinny and fizzy, but not this one. It’s also louder than you would expect, based on it’s small size. The headphone jack is perfect for silent practice, and the auxiliary input socket is great to plug in your iPod or MP3 player and jam along to your favourite songs.

The jack lead in this pack is around 10 feet, and the ends are right-angled. The right angled jack is great for not having the ends of the lead stick out too far from the guitar where they can get knocked and damaged. In fact, you can also damage the guitar this way!

The soft case ‘gig bag’ included, also comes with a useful pocket to store your books and sheets of music. This is great news for anyone having to take their guitar backwards and forwards to guitar lessons!

I would definitely say that the beginner is who the Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack is aimed at. If this is a first guitar, then you’ll definitely want this pack. I mean, you could buy everything separately, but then how do you know that you have everything you need?

This starter set has everything you need to start out playing electric guitar. Plus, it’s a freaking Les Paul (definitely one of the coolest guitars, in my opinion)!

What We didn’t like

OK, so this is a budget, beginner set, so don’t expect the same quality as a $1000 guitar! There are no real faults with the guitar, or accessories, but some features are missed off.

For example, there is only one tone and one volume control. This is fine as it gives you a master volume to turn everything down at once, and a tone control…which you’ll probably rarely use (it just isn’t needed most of the time). However, a higher-end Les Paul guitar will have two volumes, and two tones- allowing you to blend the sounds from the two pickups.

It’s not really even like you’re limited with this guitar, though. You still get the three way selector switch to select between bridge or neck pickup, or both. If you’re looking for a slightly more high-end guitar that is still affordable, you may also want to check out the Epiphone LP-100, which is still great on a budget, but has the extra volume controls.

It’s up to you whether that’s really worth it or not.

Also, although there is nothing wrong with this guitar, some things- such as the tuning pegs- are not as higher quality as you would expect on a more expensive Les Paul. Not really a huge complaint, considering you’re probably buying this as your first guitar and will move on to bigger and better things once you’ve got going.

Oh and be careful if you’re outside the US, because the amplifier’s adaptor can only handle 120V US electricity. This may mean some adjustments or precautions need to be taken before plugging in!

Conclusions on the Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack

The Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack contains all you need to get started with the Electric guitar. If that wasn’t enough, it’s a Les Paul, which is widely regarded as one of the best guitars out there.

OK, I may be a bit biased as you may have seen me use a Gibson Les Paul in my YouTube videos. You should know that I’m a big fan of this guitar, and if I were starting again and buying a starter set, then this is the one I would probably go for.

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