Guitar Lessons over Webcam

Do you enjoy the lessons on this website? Well, you may also be interested to know that I am a guitar teacher in real life, too! I have students that come to me every week for one on one, personal guitar tuition.

Now it gets even better! If you have a webcam, and an Internet connection, I could be teaching you as well. If we can work out a time that suits us both, then all you’ll need is Skype. If we cannot arrange a regular time, then we’ll use YouTube and upload videos as ‘unlisted’.

So, even if you’re on the other side of the planet to me, you can have personal, one on one guitar lessons! Just use the form below to get in contact.

guitar lessons over webcam, youtube and skype can sometimes be a more practical alternative to traditional lessons

    Why Choose Webcam Lessons with Me?

    Not sure if that sounds like a good plan? Well, there are a number of benefits to the webcam lessons that I teach (especially if you live far away from any good guitar teachers…).

    Here are just a few of my favourite reasons to choose webcam lessons:

    No Traveling

    I have many students that travel to me each week, but I still admit that having to travel can be a pain. I mean, you have to spend all that time traveling, and even then your perfect teacher could just be too far away for regular lessons.

    That’s without even mentioning the hassle of adverse weather conditions, or traffic!

    With webcam lessons, you avoid all of this. You get to learn in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that suits you. You don’t have to spend over an hour driving just to get to a lesson and back- all you need is a computer with an Internet connection!

    Bespoke Guitar Training

    I always make sure the pages of this website are as informative as possible. However, there are still going to be times when being face-to-face with me is just better. This website isn’t a person, and it can’t get to know you like a real human can.

    Once we’ve gotten to know each other a bit better, we can start to form a unique training program, just for you. This is what I do with all of my guitar students- and it’s something that wont happen with a webpage, video, or a book.

    I can make sure you learn what you need to know in an order that makes sense. I can make sure you’re practicing, and I can make sure you don’t miss anything important. This is how you’ll progress much faster.

    Ask Me Directly

    With webcam lessons, you actually get the chance to ask me questions in real life- which is also something you can’t do through a web page. Then I can help you with anything that you’re specifically not understanding.

    Being able to ask questions is also great, because this means you can be more of a participant in the process. Students who show more engagement tend to become better guitarists in the end.

    We Can Work Together

    Once we’ve talked a bit about what you want to play, and the guitarist you want to be, we can work together to get you to where you want to be. This is simply not possible through a website, or YouTube videos.

    I’ll help you understand what you need to learn, and how you should go about learning it. This all depends on the guitarist you want to be, and your preferred style of learning (something that takes a good teacher to work out).

    The Lessons will always be at Your Pace

    Online videos, courses and ebooks can be a great way to learn the guitar. However, sometimes it can feel like things are moving a bit too fast. Either that, or you’re left waiting for the ‘good stuff’ and are being taught things you already know.

    With webcam lessons, these problems are eliminated. You get to move on at your own speed. I’ll never just rush along assuming that you understand it all. That’s another advantage of being able to ask questions when you don’t understand!

    It also means that, if you already know what I’m currently trying to teach you, you can tell me that, too. So the lessons will always go at your pace.

    How These Lessons Work

    I offer two types of webcam lessons: live, or video exchange, and you can have them as often (or as little) as you like. Many students want one lesson a week, but some prefer once a fortnight, or one a month.

    Live Webcam Lessons

    Live lessons usually take place over Skype, at a time that suits both of us. They are half an hour long, and the very first session is free (this is so that we can talk a bit and get to know each other etc.).

    After that, lessons are booked monthly, depending on how many you want each month.

    Video Exchange Lessons

    Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for us to arrange a time that suits both of us. I have a fairly busy schedule, and some times are just not possible. Also, if you’re on the other side of the planet to me, what’s a good time for you, might be 2am in the morning for me (and I need sleep!).

    For that, we can use YouTube (or a similar video hosting service). I’ll upload a lesson video and send you the link, then you send me a response back in the same way. This then gets around any scheduling issues that we might both have.

    All it requires is that we talk beforehand (totally free!) about your abilities and what it is you want to learn. This is like the first live lesson- so that I can get to know you, and your playing abilities, and so that you can get to know me, and my teaching style.

    Booking Webcam Lessons

    So, if you like the stuff on this website, and want lessons made just for you, just send me an email today and ask about my webcam lessons!

      Testimonials and Feedback

      “Prior to having lessons with Rob, my 10 year old daughter (Lily) and I had a few months worth of lessons with another tutor. Although the tutor was a good guitarist he taught ‘text book’ style which resulted in me not really learning a great deal.
      Guitar student, Lily's exam certificate- pass with distinction.
      I decided to try to find a tutor who could actually teach the likes of me- practically tone deaf, no sense of rhythm and little time to practice… By luck I came across Rob’s web site, I exchanged a couple of emails with him and booked my first lesson- I was immediately impressed with Rob, and consequently booked a set of lessons for me and a set for Lily.

      Some months down the line and thanks to Rob we are both progressing very well, here’s why:

      Not only is Rob a highly accomplished guitarist and musician, he also has a genuine ability to teach people of all ages and proficiency (something I think is quite rare). Rob takes the time to understand a pupil as an individual and from this understanding develops bespoke lesson plans. Lily is well on the way to being ready to take her first Rockschool exam (see certificate, right). Lily thinks the world of Rob, he makes her lessons fun and takes the time to ensure her learning is at a pace that suits her, and involves styles of music she likes and can relate to.

      I thoroughly look forward to my lessons with Rob. He makes sure my learning material is based on my favourite style of music, and has helped me get the most out of my practice time. Rob’s enthusiasm is infectious to the point where I am now keen to understand more musical theory, which Rob teaches in such a way that even I can understand…no mean feat!”

      – Eddie and Lily Archer, Guitarists

      “When I first started as a student at Chainsaw Guitar Tuition my self-taught guitar skills were pretty basic, I could play a few open chords, the power chord and play a few short and easy exerts from my favourite songs, that was pretty much it!

      I knew I wanted to learn some things (barre chords) and discuss some technicalities like proper finger positioning, Rob helped me with this but was then easily able to identify many other areas I needed work on to better be able to play whole pieces of music, and help me develop my own style.

      With Rob I could develop almost every style of guitar playing, just to name a few, Metal, Rock, Blues, Country, Reggae, Classical, Bass, Rhythm, and Soloing, we even did some Disco!

      Rob taught me the musical theory of how chords come from tones with harmonic relation in scales and how different combinations of these tones can give chords their many feels and characters. I can now identify and play plethora of chords. I also improved my ability to read tabs and sheet music.

      I learnt better how to self teach with good warm up and practice routines, I can now, with bit of time, play music that would’ve completely stumped me before.

      Rob will endeavour help you learn whatever YOU want, he is a cool, nice guy 🎸”

      – James C, Guitarist

      Guitar student Andy playing his Les Paul
      “I am very very thankful and happy to have you as my teacher.
      I also recommended you to my friend who’s planning to take lessons.
      I keep practising, and I must say I really enjoy it!”

      – Andras Jelinek, Guitarist

      “Before taking lessons I was a mess. My practice routine was all over the place and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, but now I am improving at a faster rate than the whole time I tried teaching myself!

      The first lesson helped me dramatically helped me fix my playing posture. I wasn’t able to understand how to change chord shapes without hesitating when doing it, so now it’s all an ease for me!

      Getting the input from a teacher was the best decision I ever made, I would definitely recommend these lessons!”

      – Matt Delano, Guitarist

      Bass student Sophie
      “I have never been a quick learner and I must admit I’m the loud and impatient one when it comes to focusing on these things. Rob is the complete opposite, which is a good thing! He kept me very calm and relaxed about the mistakes I made while having my lessons but always made sure I was practicing at home.

      I would always look forward to going to my lesson in the evening as I knew I would always come out smiling 🙂 there are certain times where part of the lesson has to be serious otherwise you wouldn’t get anywhere but its also good to have fun and laugh!

      When I look at a sheet of music it doesn’t look like a completely different language to me anymore!

      I would 100% recommend Rob!”

      – Sophie White, Bassist

      Just Send Me an Email to ask about prices…

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