Guitar Lessons in Reading (UK)

Looking for guitar lessons in Reading? Fed up of random videos on YouTube and other places? You know the ones- the guy teaching only gives vague explanations…

…or one video says one thing, and the next guy is saying the total opposite? Confusing, isn’t it? Well, if you’re around the Reading area (UK), I can help you out!

(and if not, you can always check out lessons on webcam…)

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Structured Learning

Learn guitar in Reading UK
Wouldn’t you prefer some kind of system that puts this all in place? See, many of these internet lessons are not wrong, they’re just not giving you the full story.

Without all the pieces of the puzzle, in the right places, you will never see the complete picture!

This is where lessons with me are different. Yes, I do create free videos on YouTube, but I also teach face-to-face guitar lessons in Reading, UK.

I’ve been teaching students for over 10 years– and this is where the real guitar playing secrets can be revealed!

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Learn What You Want to Learn

Face-to-face guitar lessons will mean I can give you the full picture, at a pace that suits you. No longer will you have to feel like the lesson is going over your head, or that it’s all stuff you’ve seen before!

I teach both acoustic and electric guitar, and specialize in Rock and Metal styles (think Queen, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Metallica, Pearl Jam…etc…). Of course, I am able to do other styles, but these are my speciality.
These guitar lessons in Reading will teach you through graded exams to a high level
You can learn through graded guitar exams (I’ve taught both Rockschool and RGT), or just for fun. Either way, we can get your playing to a high level!

Lessons will cover:

  • Correct technique for both hands
  • Musical Knowledge and Theory
  • The best practise habits and exercises
  • Improvisation and jamming skills
  • Musical Interpretation and Understanding

Booking Guitar Lessons in Reading

Just get in touch to find out about current prices. There are also discounts for block bookings.

So, looking for guitar lessons in Reading? Why not take the plunge today? Book a lesson with a qualified, experienced (and proven) guitar teacher! Still not convinced? Just get in contact today and we can arrange a trial period of lessons.

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