Pentatonic Substitution Soloing Lesson

Pentatonic substitution…it’s two pretty long words…that means it’s something super complicated, right? Well, yes and no. As I explain in the video, it’s a pretty confusing concept at first, but once you get it, it makes things easier. The basic idea is that we’re using different pentatonic scales over the … Continue reading

Crazy Scales: The Lydian Mode

Another one of my favourite modes, the Lydian mode. It’s essentially the same as the major scale, but with a sharpened 4th degree. Some people would even argue that the Lydian mode sounds brighter, happier and more “major” than the major scale! The 4th note sounds “lifted”, because it’s a … Continue reading

Minor Pentatonic Scale for Guitar

The following lesson is an excerpt from my book “Awesome Lead Guitar”. This book contains many more lessons like this one, including: Full Scale Diagrams Example solos and Backing Tracks Easy to understand explanations of music theory Which notes to play over each chord, and which to avoid For more … Continue reading

Guitar Scales: the Harmonic Major

Haha! Now this is a rare scale indeed! Perfect if you’re into pulling sounds out of the guitar that make people turn their heads. The Harmonic Major scale was named by Rimsky-Korsakov, and has also been called the “lydian diminished scale”. Scale Construction There are a few different ways to … Continue reading

Guitar Scales: the Indian Pentatonic

Well…this scale isn’t really Indian, but it’s definitely a variation on the pentatonic scale! The reason it gets called the “Indian Pentatonic” is that the sound you get from it is often reminiscent of Indian Classical music (at least it is to the untrained ear). It could also be called … Continue reading

The Phrygian Dominant Scale

The Phrygian Dominant scale is kinda like the Phrygian mode, only very different… Ok, so I should probably explain that a in a bit more detail (this being a tuition website and everything…). The Phrygian Dominant scale was invented by playing the Harmonic minor scale from the 5th note- so … Continue reading

Crazy Scales: The Locrian Mode

The Locrian mode is the 7th mode of the major scale. This means that it looks on the fretboard like you’re playing the major scale starting from the 7th note. It’s very important that you understand that this is just how it is on the fretboard. The Locrian mode isn’t … Continue reading

Melodic Minor Scale

This is the third post on the minor scales in the series on “guitar scales”, and this time we’ll be looking at something called the “Melodic Minor”. So far we’ve done: the Natural Minor scale, and why there isn’t just one “minor scale”; the Harmonic Minor, and what happens when … Continue reading