Crazy Scales: The Locrian Mode

The Locrian mode is the 7th mode of the major scale. This means that it looks on the fretboard like you’re playing the major scale starting from the 7th note. It’s very important that you understand that this is just how it is on the fretboard. The Locrian mode isn’t … Continue reading

Melodic Minor Scale

This is the third post on the minor scales in the series on “guitar scales”, and this time we’ll be looking at something called the “Melodic Minor”. So far we’ve done: the Natural Minor scale, and why there isn’t just one “minor scale”; the Harmonic Minor, and what happens when … Continue reading

Harmonic Minor Scale (the scale of metal!)

The harmonic minor scale could probably be described as the ‘scale of metal’, just as the minor pentatonic is the ‘scale of rock’. While the pentatonic is used heavily by bands such as ACDC or Free, the harmonic minor is used by guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, or Randy Rhoads. … Continue reading

Minor Scales on Guitar

I kinda mentioned this guitar scale in last week’s post about the Minor Pentatonic scale and the first thing I have to say about “the Minor Scales on Guitar” is that they don’t exist. “What?!” I hear you ask “…but you were just talking about it? How can you write … Continue reading