Awesome Lead Guitar 1

awesome lead guitar book 1
The first book in the ‘Awesome Lead Guitar’ series. This one will teach you the basics of lead guitar playing- from the concepts behind great phrasing, to the most common scales and techniques.

This one is for you if you’re fairly new to lead guitar, or want to get started with improvisation. It will take you beyond the first shape of the pentatonic scale, through to double-stops using the major and natural minor scales.

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Awesome Backing Tracks

awesome backing tracks taken from my lead guitar lesson e-book
A collection of extended backing tracks inspired by the above book. These tracks are now up to 5 minutes long, with added sections. The perfect compliment to Awesome Lead Guitar’s introduction to guitar soloing!

It also includes a short E-book with information about each track. You’ll learn what key each one uses, and what the chords are. There are also suggested scales to use, and reasons you might use each one.

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The Awesome Lead Guitar Combination Offer

awesome lead guitar book 1 with backing track lessons
If you buy both ‘Awesome Lead Guitar 1’ and ‘Awesome Backing Tracks’ together, you actually save money on buying them separately!

So, if you want to get started with lead guitar playing, or improvisation, this is for you!

It’s also for you if you know a little bit about soloing already, but want to get past the basics. This book will teach you how to solo in every key (major or minor), and perfect your lead techniques (string-bends, tremolo, phrasing etc…).

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