Sound like David Gilmour

Learn to play like david Gilmour from Pink Floyd

This time on ‘In the Style of…’ we’re looking at Pink Floyd. Although the guitarist, David Gilmour, mostly uses his own judgement on which specific effects and equipment to use, there are some sounds that are definitely favourites. So, when aiming for a similar sound, be aware that Gilmour himself … Continue reading

Dimebag Darrel’s Style

Here’s an example solo in the style of Dimebag Darrel from the heavy metal band “Pantera”. Dime liked to use plenty of legato in his soloing, and his phrases would often be a mixture of pentatonic and chromatic lines. Scroll down for the tab. You can download the backing track … Continue reading

Kirk Hammet Style!

MetallicA! This month I’ve been looking guitarist “Kirk Hammett” of Metallica’s approach to creating a guitar solo. Kirk’s style is heavily influenced by a mix of angular, more modern metal, and classic rock style blues licks– which is what I’ve tried to show here. Getting the Right Sound For the … Continue reading

Slash’s Style

This week on “In the Style of…” we’re looking at Slash from bands such as: Guns’n’Roses and Velvet Revolver. Recently, Slash has been involved in his own solo project too. Scroll down if you would like to see the example piece using Slash’s style (with tab). Slash was born on … Continue reading