The Sus2 Chord and it’s Uses.

Here’s the next post in my “guitar chords” series. We’ve already covered open major and minor chords, then we moved on to barre chords (aka “bar chords”) and last week we covered sus4 chords. This week, it’s time for another type of suspended chord- the sus2 chord.

If you remember from last week with the sus4 chord, a suspended chord has no third (so it’s neither major nor minor). Last weeks chords had a 4th instead of a 3rd, which was one fret above the major third, these chords (being sus2 chords) have a 2nd instead of a third. The second lives one fret below the minor third and is notated in blue here. If you compare these chords to the minor chords from before and you’ll notice one of the notes (marked in blue) is one fret lower- that’s the “second”.

sus2 chord diagrams

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