Pentatonic Substitution Soloing Lesson

Pentatonic substitution…it’s two pretty long words…that means it’s something super complicated, right? Well, yes and no. As I explain in the video, it’s a pretty confusing concept at first, but once you get it, it makes things easier. The basic idea is that we’re using different pentatonic scales over the same set of chords (i.e. (read more…)

Written by Rob

Locrian Mode Backing Track

Here’s the extended backing track to my lesson on the Locrian mode. It’s quite a good mode to use if you’re after a very dark, satanic sound. The Locrian mode is the 7th mode of the major scale. This means that, although the track uses D Locrian, it’s the same notes as E flat major. (read more…)

Written by Rob
Learn to play like david Gilmour from Pink Floyd

Sound like David Gilmour

This time on ‘In the Style of…’ we’re looking at Pink Floyd. Although the guitarist, David Gilmour, mostly uses his own judgement on which specific effects and equipment to use, there are some sounds that are definitely favourites. So, when aiming for a similar sound, be aware that Gilmour himself would be a bit more (read more…)

Written by Rob