The Full Rock System

learn the guitar online with the full rock system
Trying to learn to play the guitar?

Then you’ll know that it can be difficult to know where to start!

There are a few solutions:

You could pay for a guitar teacher


  • these can be expensive
  • you have to make time to travel
  • there could be no real good teachers near you

You could use the Internet

There are so many video lessons on YouTube, and other guitar websites. Surely this is a better option?

…but where do you start?

…and how do you know there isn’t something you’ve missed?

It’s so easy to get distracted, so you might end up watching ‘How to Sweep Pick Modal Arpeggios at a million miles an hour’ before ‘How to Strum Beginner Chords’.

This is not an effective way to learn the guitar!

So how can you really learn the guitar?

I mean, having access to a great teacher, but without the expense. A way to get the lesson videos in the correct order, in a system that makes sense?

Introducing the Full Rock System

Well, this is exactly what the ‘Full Rock System‘ is all about. I’ve been teaching the guitar professionally since 2009, all ages from 6 to 66, from beginner to advanced. This is my proven system to help you learn to play, too.
How to play the guitar in a full system from beginner to advanced
You see, the real secret to learning the guitar isn’t about learning chord shapes, or playing a solo note-for-note. It’s about something that you really can’t get from this alone- combining guitar techniques with real musical understanding and musicality.

Without a proven system, you’re only learning finger movements!

This won’t help you to progress, to learn more songs, or to eventually even write your own music.

That’s why you need a full system combining these techniques with musical understanding- putting those finger movements into their proper musical context.

Understanding the guitar is one thing, playing real music is another.

Click the button (below) to start the Full Rock System today and learn to play real music!

the full rock system will get you playing real music

“Prior to having lessons with Rob, I had a few months worth of lessons with another tutor. Although the tutor was a good guitarist he taught ‘text book’ style which resulted in me not really learning a great deal, and Lily either being given pieces that were too easy or far too difficult.

Not only is Rob a highly accomplished guitarist and musician, he also has a genuine ability to teach people of all ages and proficiency (something I think is quite rare).

Rob’s enthusiasm is infectious to the point where I am now keen to understand more musical theory, which Rob teaches in such a way that even I can understand…no mean feat!”
– Eddie

What the System Covers

So far, I’ve uploaded the first level. This includes beginner level lessons, such as:

  • Parts of Guitar
  • How to Tune
  • Holding the Guitar
  • Reading Tab
  • Rhythm Notation
  • Open Position Chords (major and minor)
  • Playing in Different Time Signatures (and what that means)

However, I will be updating the course constantly and I’m already working on the next level of lessons. If you sign up now, you will have access to all the ‘level one’ lessons, as well as all the updates.

Why an Online Course?

First of all, all you need to get started is an Internet connection. No more searching around for a good local teacher who has a space in his schedule. Secondly, one-to-one guitar lessons can easily be $50 an hour, and it will probably take a few months to start seeing real progress!

So, you could be paying $200 a month (4 weeks x $50), for 2 or 3 months before you even start to see the benefit. So that could be $400 to $600 just to find out if the teacher is worth it!

With the Full Rock System, you have contact to a real teacher (that’s me) via email or Skype. You also get the benefit of a proven system, that you can do at your own pace…for only $14.99 a month.

So that same ‘trial period’ of a few months would be less than $50. That’s less than 50 cents a day- and you have access to the lessons every day, not just when your teacher has time.

More than that: if you’re not happy before the first two months are up, I’m happy to give you a refund. So it’ll cost you nothing to find out!

That, and we can always set up a Skype call where you can talk to me personally. I teach students over Skype all the time, and I can help you, too!

However, the current price may change at any point, but the best part is: if you buy now, you’ll continue to get the full system for the same low price!

the beginner guitar lessons will get you started

I’m going to be constantly updating and adding new materials and new lessons. and you’ll continue to pay the same price that you signed up for!

Is this System for You?

At the moment, this system covers the beginner level. However, the more advanced levels are already on the way. So, if you’re looking to further develop your skills, make sure to sign up to the mailing list to be updated when the next levels are available.

How can you be sure this course covers everything that you want to learn? Well, this is what questions are for! Most of it is definitely there, but if there is anything that you would like to see covered in a lesson, just ask!

Throughout this whole process, I’ll be your guitar teacher, too. That means, just like with my regular students, if there is something that you would like to learn more about, I’m here.

We can talk via email, set up a free Skype session (where I can teach you personally) or I can update the lessons in the course itself.

A Proven System to Finally Learn the Guitar!

So, if you want a complete system- teaching you the how and the why of the guitar- this offer is for you.

It’s less expensive than one-to-one lessons, but you still get the benefit of a experienced, professional teacher. You can learn from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace- instead of us both having to find time in our busy schedules…

…and if you really need help, I’m only an email away!

All this for only $14.99 a month, which is less than 50 cents a day. I mean, in some places that’s not even a cup of coffee!

So, if you were thinking about really mastering the guitar, you might as well give it a go! Just click the button below!

learn the guitar to rock