Best Choice Beginner Pack Review

The best choice beginner pack includes everything that you would need to start on the electric guitar. It comes with a strap, for playing standing up, a spare set of strings, and- most importantly- a small amplifier to practise with.
best choice beginner pack in blue with amp
It also comes with a useful (but rather flimsy) case to protect the instrument when travelling. You’ll definitely need this if you’re taking your guitar to and from lessons!

The Guitar

The guitar itself is based on the famous Fender Stratocaster, as used by guitarists such as:

  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Yngwie Malsteen
  • Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominoes)
  • Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow)
  • David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

…and many others!

So, this guitar is a copy of that style. The important difference between this type of guitar and others is the three singlecoil pickups. These are what give the guitar its unique sound- sounding twangier and thinner. The other type of pickups used on electric guitars are ‘Humbuckers’, which sound thicker and heavier.

The list of guitarists above that like this kind of guitar should tell you that ‘thinner’ and ‘twangier’ doesn’t mean ‘worse’. These types of pickups can be better at being heard in a band situation, and are great for blues guitar playing.

The fact that there are three of them on this guitar gives you more options. So, the switch on the guitar has 5 different positions; these are:

  • Top pickup (the ‘neck pickup’)
  • Neck and middle pickups together
  • Middle pickup
  • Middle and bottom pickup (the ‘bridge pickup’)
  • Just the bridge pickup

Each selection has its own slightly different sound.

Also, the controls on the guitar control (from left to right): the volume, neck pickup tone, and bridge pickup tone. So you should be able to find a good sound somewhere!

I should probably also mention that this guitar comes with a whammy bar. Not that it’s something that you’ll likely use as a complete beginner. It’s there, just in case.

The Amp

The amp is a fairly basic 10 watt amp- certainly not loud enough to gig with, but perfect for practising at home. I also has three controls: one volume and two tone controls (which control the bass and treble settings, as they would on your stereo). If you really need to practise silently, there is a headphone socket on the front of the amp, too.

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Stratocaster style Guitar

  • 39″ Full size electric guitar
  • Metallic blue finish
  • Neck: Maple wood with Truss Rod
  • Body: hardwood
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • 22 frets
  • Three Single coil pickups
  • One volume, two tone controls

10watt amp

  • 10 watts of power
  • Volume, treble and bass controls
  • Headphone out


  • Carrying Case
  • Strap
  • Whammy Bar
  • Extra strings

What We liked…

Well, what can I say? The best choice beginner package is a good choice for a beginner. The guitar is fairly well made and wont fall apart when you go to use it, and the amp is small and perfect for home practise without annoying too many neighbours or parents.

The amp is actually louder than it looks! It’s one of the smallest sized amps you can get, but it can still go pretty loud. The overdrive sound is pretty basic, and very easily sounds tinny and shrill (with the wrong settings, or high volume level)…

…which is just what you’d expect from a 10 watt practise amp.

So, for practising volumes, this combination is perfect. For the price this is very much worth the money.

What We didn’t like…

When you consider that this is a guitar package for a beginner on a budget, there isn’t much wrong with it. However, it is fairly cheap.

The guitar generally holds its tuning very well, unless you strum too hard. There can also be a bit of string-buzz on the low E string. It’s the little things like this that really show that this is a budget instrument.

All that means is that you shouldn’t get this guitar if you’re a professional guitarist or someone who already plays a lot. As a first guitar for a child, or an adult, where you’re less likely to notice the very small imperfections, this guitar is perfect.

The amp is a great amp, but will sound a bit rubbish for anything other than practising at home. This isn’t really a fault, as practising at home is exactly what this amp is designed for!

Conclusions on the Best Choice Beginner Pack

The Best Choice Beginner Pack is a good, solid combination for the beginner on a budget. There are certainly worse guitars out there! Just don’t expect to buy it if you’re a pro.

Overall, though, this guitar works, and is very playable. If you’re looking for a cheap way to start playing the electric guitar, here it is.

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