Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit Review

The Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit is a full size (39 inch) electric guitar starter package from Crescent Musical Instruments. This is a company that also makes acoustic guitars, violins and other stringed instruments.
Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit - Greenburst Color

So, this isn’t a company that specializes in only electric guitars. That’s not particularly a bad thing, they’re just aiming at beginners. If you want an inexpensive guitar to get you started, or you’re buying one as a present for someone who doesn’t yet play, then you should definitely check this one out!

Although, how good the ‘greenburst’ colouring is will be down to your own opinion!

What You get…

The starter package includes everything you need to get started, except maybe good guitar lessons. Apart from the green, Strat-style electric guitar, you also get a practise amp, a soft case and a tuner.

The Amp

The amp itself is fairly basic- which is pretty much what you expect in a package like this. It’s only 15 watts, and has the basic controls:

  • Volume
  • Treble
  • Mids
  • Bass

Despite being an amp designed only for practising, it also features a ‘mid’ control. This is a nice addition, as your standard practise amps often miss this off. It means that you have more options when shaping your tone, especially if you’re into the scooped mids of classic heavy metal tones!

The tone and volume controls work just how they would on a stereo, to change the sound of the amp. There are also some guitar-amp specific controls, the ‘gain’ and ‘boost’ controls. The gain control, as you turn it up, gives you a dirtier sound- more like ACDC or Metallica and less like an acoustic.

Although that is a rough comparison! I hope you see what I’m getting at when I say ‘dirty’ tone.

The boost switch just gives you a slight increase in volume. This also adds just a little bit to the gain (which is called an ‘overdrive’ effect). Most amps would have an ‘overdrive’ switch that engages the extra gain, this amp is just a little bit different.

Also included, are basic accessories such as a jack lead (to connect amp and guitar), a spare set of strings, a strap, and a selection of picks. Therefore, once you’ve used the included tuner to tune the guitar, you pretty much have everything you need to start playing.

Oh, and it is available in different colours that are…well, less green!

crescent electric guitar green burst

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  • Full-Size, 39-Inch Electric Guitar
  • 22 Frets
  • Three Single Coil Pickups
  • One Volume Knob
  • Two Tone Knobs
  • Basswood Body and Neck
  • Accessories

What’s Good?

The Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start playing almost right away. All it takes is to use the electronic tuner to get the strings in tune, and then you’re good to go. This obviously mean you don’t have to hunt around and buy all the separate things.

Lots of starter sets contain some of the essentials, but this one includes them all!

Apart from saving you time and money by selling everything in one package, this guitar won’t break the bank. This makes it great for a beginner guitarist to learn the ropes without spending their life savings.
crescent guitar green, from the back

The greenburst colour is also pretty cool. It’s not a colour that you often see on guitars, and it goes well with the black scratchplate and controls on the front. If you want something that looks a little different, without being a freak, here it is.

It’s also nice to have 22 frets, as guitars in this style usually only have 21. That isn’t a dealbreaker though, because as a beginner you’ll probably never use that extra fret…

What’s not so Good?

As with many guitars bought new, you may need to give this guitar a setup when it arrives. This is something you can expect from any instrument when it is first shipped.

Also, the build quality could be better. If you’re expecting a complete work of art from this guitar, you’ll be a bit disappointed. The Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit is designed for beginners to learn the ropes. It’s a student guitar, or a practise guitar- it’s not a guitar for professional gigs, or to hang up and admire.

So, the quality of certain things- the tuners, nut, and bridge, pickups- could be higher. This was probably done to keep the price down, and sometimes you get what you pay for. The guitar will stay in tune for your daily practice session, but probably not if you’re playing for hours.

That’s what the tuner is for, though, right?

Conclusions on the Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit

The Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit contains a great guitar and amp for the price. It’s designed for the beginner or someone on a budget who wants a guitar to learn or practise with. If that describes you, then you’ll be happy with this guitar, if you’re looking for something more, then you need to look for something more expensive.

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