Dimebag Signature Wah Review

Unlike other signature wah pedals from Jim Dunlop, the Dimebag Signature Wah comes packed with features. Given that the original crybaby has no controls at all (other than the foot pedal rocker), this is probably the most versatile wah-wah pedal you’ll ever find.
Dunlop Dimebag Signature Wah Crybaby Pedal

Most signature crybabies take the original idea and tweak the EQ and tone settings. Not so with the Dimebag signature wah!

There are many extra features, including:

  • Extended Sweep Range
  • 6-way range selector switch
  • Volume Boost Switch
  • L.E.D. Light indicators

Of course, it also comes with a cammo paint job and huge CFH (cowboys from hell) logo, which is always good!

A Closer Look

One of the things that I personally like is the L.E.D. indicator that tells you whether or not the Wah is engaged. It sounds silly, but I’ve played gigs before where you can’t hear yourself enough to know if the wah is on or off. So this feature is very much appreciated!

The dimebag signature crybaby wah-wah pedal is probably the most versatile wah pedal in the world

To be honest, I’m not sure why this isn’t part of the original crybaby design!

The other little light is for the boost function. This is designed to give you that little bit of extra ‘push’ when soloing. Many guitarists use their Wah pedals for this function anyway- to give lead parts a bit more power and rise above the rest of the band.

6-Way Range Selector

On the side of the pedal is a 6-way switch. This adjusts the centre frequency of the wah-wah effect. For example, you can switch between a very high pitched effect to cut through a mix, or a lower frequency sweep.

This is different to a standard crybaby signature, where the centre frequency is set at the factory. The ability to change the sound of the effect so much is probably the best feature of the Dimebag signature wah. It certainly makes it the most versatile pedal that you’ll ever use!

Dimebag Darrel signature wah pedal

In case your wondering, the frequencies you can set it to are:

  • 420Hz
  • 400Hz
  • 375Hz
  • 340Hz
  • 290Hz
  • 250Hz

Whichever frequency you choose, there is a nice, wide sweep from low to high. This is then made easier to control by the non-slip skateboard tape on the face of the pedal. Forget artist signatures, it’s almost as if someone went out to create the ultimate crybaby wah pedal! You could probably get almost any sound you want from this pedal…

…provided, of course, that you want a wah-wah effect. If you’re looking for a reverb or flange effect, there is no control for that. Neither does it feature controls for making you into a fretboard wizard, or a button that pours you a beer (although maybe these features should be considered for the future?).

So, as long as you take it for what it is- a wah pedal- it’ll likely be one of the most versatile and useful pedals you’ll ever buy.

Actually, scratch that! It shouldn’t pour beer, it should make a black-tooth grin.

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  • Designed in conjunction with legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell
  • Extended sweep range knob
  • 6-way range selector
  • Volume boost and LED indicators
  • Cammo-print design and CFH logo

From Dimebag Himself:‘It’s basically what I’d call a hot-rodded Wah,’

‘It’s pretty tricked out-it’s got an extended sweep so you can get it to go more high-endy sounding [pedal down] and deeper [pedal up] too; a 5-way selector on the side so you can pick what frequency you’re gonna play within; a kick-in boost; the LED indicators [Wah on/off, Boost on/off] at the back of the pedal instead of at the front so you can see them from the back of the stage; and it’s got skateboard skid-tape on it instead of rubber so when you’ve got beer on your feet you won’t slip off it.’

‘One other little trick we’ve got happening is an extra input jack on the left-hand-side of the pedal so you can go in and out of the CFH on just that side if you want. That way, if you’re just using the Wah you don’t have to loop a chord around the top of the thing so it’s less likely to get stuck-up under the pedal. I’m real proud of the CFH, man,’

‘It sounds bad-assed and it looks bad-assed too-it’s ready for war!’

What We liked…

Well, this pedal might cost a little bit more than most Wah pedals. This is probably due to the name associated with it. However, with all the extra features that this unit comes with, it’s totally worth it!

The Dimebag signature wah is not just a wah pedal, it’s more like a ‘complete wah solution’ catering to all your wahing needs…or something. Seriously!

Even with all of the controls, it doesn’t take that long to figure out. Even if you’ve never used or even seen a wah pedal before, you won’t get confused. You can also adjust the action of the rocker, making it tighter or looser, to your taste.

Although be careful not to over-tighten it!

Also, did I mention that this thing is built like a tank? It’s definitely been designed by someone who knows what constant gigging can do to expensive equipment! The non-slip pedal surface is just icing on this cake (or, technically, skateboard tape on the effects pedal…same difference).

The boost switch really adds some power when you’re playing leads. Many guitarists like to use separate boost and wah pedals, or us the wah itself as a boost, but it’s nice to have this all in one pedal. Just don’t have the boost on all the time, because when you’re already turned up to 11, where do you go from there?

If you pull everything back a bit, you can also get a great blues tone using this pedal.

What We didn’t like…

It doesn’t take too long to figure out what everything on this pedal does, but there is more involved that the ‘plug in and rock’ of the original crybaby. This means that if you’re not a fan of reading instruction manuals, or playing about with extra features that you might not use, then this isn’t for you.

The other thing is: this pedal can get a bit noisy with a lot of overdive and the boost switch engaged. Although, there are not many situations where this would be a problem. As I said, constantly having everything at 11 is not always a good idea.

Conclusions about the Dimebag Signature Wah

So, as I said, the Dimebag signature wah is probably the most useful and versatile crybaby pedal in existence. Usually with these things I’ll be explaining how it’s great for playing a certain style, but not others. This pedal isn’t like that.

If you’re a Dimebag, or heavy metal fan looking for a wah: buy this pedal; if you just want a really good and versatile wah pedal: buy this pedal. That about sums it up.

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