Top 5 Reasons why You can’t play Guitar fast

In this video lesson, I explain the top five mistakes that guitarists make when trying to play really fast and improve their speed.

In total, there are more than five things that you could be doing wrong- and that will vary from person to person. These five are just the ones I see the most often with students. Also, none of these are about developing the correct muscles for guitar playing- something very important! Read about that here.


Covered various times before. You must be sitting correctly so that you are comfortable and can reach the notes you need to reach.

For more on this, read my lesson on posture.


Literally, both of your hands need to be in time with each other. Once you’ve perfected this at a slow speed, it shouldn’t take too long to start speeding up- making sure that both hands speed up at the same rate!

Hand Tension

This one may require another video. I’ve talked about tension over your whole body and how it negatively impacts your playing technique, but here I talk specifically about the tension that can occur in your hands.

Too Much Pressure

As I’ve said before, it doesn’t take that much force to fret a note, so why are you gripping the neck so hard?

The more unnecessary force you put in, the long it’s going to take you to get from one note to the next.


This is something that can really mess up your technique- nerves! When you’re nervous you’ll introduce a whole load of tension that will try to destroy your technique. Practise as much as you can while you’re relaxed, and when the adrenaline kicks in, you should better be able to handle it.

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