Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit Review

The Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit is a full size (39 inch) electric guitar starter package from Crescent Musical Instruments. This is a company that also makes acoustic guitars, violins and other stringed instruments. So, this isn’t a company that specializes in only electric guitars. That’s not particularly a bad … Continue reading

Best Choice Beginner Pack Review

The best choice beginner pack includes everything that you would need to start on the electric guitar. It comes with a strap, for playing standing up, a spare set of strings, and- most importantly- a small amplifier to practise with. It also comes with a useful (but rather flimsy) case … Continue reading

Dean Vendetta XM Review

The Dean Vendetta XM is an affordable electric guitar by Dean Guitars. This is the brand of guitars used mainly by the guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrel from the band Pantera. Depending on your opinion, you can take that in two ways. First of all, being endorsed by a legendary metal guitarist … Continue reading

Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package

The Davison Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package from Davison Guitars comes with an amp, soft case, and various accessories that you’ll need as a beginner guitarist. The guitar is a full-size (39 inch) electric with a maple fretboard and neck, and features a single humbucking pickup in the bridge position. … Continue reading