Wittner Taktell QM2 Quartz Metronome Review

Now, here’s something that I can’t believe I’ve not reviewed yet: the Wittner Taktell QM2 Quartz Metronome.
Wittner 902720 Taktell Quartz QM 2 Metronome, Black
I mean, I’ve said so many times that it’s a good idea to practice with a metronome…but for some reason haven’t told you guys about the same metronome that I’ve used for years.

Trust me, there is a reason why I use this particular metronome! In fact, there are many good reasons, not least of which is that it’s never failed.

I’ve only had to replace the battery about twice in 15 or so years (this is something I use every day…).

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Why not get a Phone App?

So, I would say it’s quite good…but surely you can get a free app on your phone to do the same job?

Well, yes you could. However, as I explain in the video, the click that the Wittner Taktell QM2 makes isn’t an ear-piercing, electronic beep! It’s more of a ‘tak tak tak’- which is definitely something I can live with.

It’s also a lot less complicated. There are too many electric metronomes out there nowdays that try to sell you on their advanced features. This isn’t a bad thing in itself, and it would make sense to buy the one with the most bells and whistles, right?

Right…except it isn’t.

You see, I’ve seen so many students get frustrated with their metronome that can do every time signature or rhythmic subdivision under the sun. Why? Well, usually, they have it stuck in 5/4 doing triplets, or something similar- and can’t get it back to ‘normal’!

The Job of a Metronome

Let’s think for a moment. What do you really need a metronome for?

A good metronome should keep a beat. That’s the main job of a metronome, and that’s what we need them to do. So, why not invest in something that does that one job, and does it really well?
you had one job
Yes, the Taktell QM2 only does one sound, but it’s a sound that works well. Yes, it can’t show subdivisions or time signatures, but that also means it doesn’t take long to learn to use it!

I mean, do you want to practice guitar, or spend an hour trying to get it to make the right noise at the right time? Playing with gadgets can be fun, but not when it distracts you too much from what you’re trying to do with it!

Wittner are also a really good brand to go for when looking for a metronome (…if you want the traditional type, or ones like I’m reviewing here).

As I mentioned, you can find this metronome on Amazon.


  • Plastic casing, black
  • Comes with battery (9 V) and earphone
  • Range: 40-208 Beats/Minute
  • 39 Different Tempos
  • Choice of clicking sound and LED light only
  • Tuning note A = 440hz

What I like

The main thing that I’ve come to love about this metronome is that it clicks. Pretty standard for a metronome, right?

Except it apparently isn’t….

Literally the most common complaint I hear from students about metronomes is about the annoying electronic beep!

Other than that, it’s compact, reliable and I’ve only had to change the battery about twice in fifteen years of daily use. Oh, and the 440hz tuning note is also very useful to have.

What I don’t like

The one main drawback to this metronome is that it doesn’t do every speed. It can do 39 different speeds from 40bpm to 208bpm- but that doesn’t include every speed in between. So, it has 152bpm, but not 150.

This has never really been an issue for me, if I’m honest. I only use a metronome to practice with, in which case I use it to speed up to roughly the right speed, and then take it even faster to make sure.

The only time it might be a problem is when you’re recording something that has to be at an exact speed…but then I use my computer for that.

Conclusions about the Wittner Taktell QM2 Metronome

The Wittner Taktell QM2 is a high quality metronome that does one thing, and does it really well. If you’re looking for a really good, dedicated metronome, then look no further!

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